TJAA Member Survey Results

Thank you to all who responded to the recent TJAA Member Survey.  The Board appreciates your taking the time to respond and hear your opinions and suggestions. 

Listed below are "highlights" from your responses. Going forward, the board (along with your help) will work to put these items into action.

  • Shows:
    Number: One or two per year
    Type: Both juried and open member shows, with a preference for juried shows
  • Events:
    - Much more Art & Thought programming
    -  More social events
    - Event location: Sorry Ft. Worth, you have a strong argument for a better Arts District, but the preference for events is Dallas (by a huge margin).
  • Website:
    - More frequent updates on news and events
    - More content about the Music and Dance Divisions
    - As time allows, there were other requests which we will do our best to address.
  • TJAA Divisions:
    Beyond the visual arts, there was strong support that the Music and Dance divisions to go forward
  • Other Suggestions:
    There were some great suggestions in the feedback section which we will be sure to keep in mind as we schedule future events.
  • Volunteering:
    Many of you offered to volunteer. This is wonderful! Unfortunately, many people did not leave their name (this may have been by accident as the survey was intentionally anonymous, so no personal information was captured).  If this sounds like you, please e-mail Nan Phillips at

    Volunteering is vital to the success or failure of the TJAA.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of not just the TJAA but all non-profit organizations.  So, the next time you see an email asking for volunteers to help plan and run events, PLEASE step forward!  

    The board is a relatively small group for such a vibrant, active organization. Not only do we lack the the woman and man power to create, design, plan, organize  and execute programming, we do not want to. 

    The Board exists to serve you - our members.  We want and need your input and participation.  The Board is here to help lead and steer the TJAA towards meeting its goals and missions, but ultimately it is YOU - our members - who will make the difference on whether they are achieved.  

    Mazel Tov!