Plein Air Painting Inspiration, Observation and Logistics

Join us for a Plein Air Workshop
Master Plein Air Artist
Marian Hirsch

2610 Valley View Ln

Wednesday, May 10, 9.00am – 3.30 pm


Workshop Fees:  TJAA Member $25     Nonmember $35

Suggested Supply List

The following supply list is a suggestion if you are new to working on location or a check list for those with more experience. Some things are basic – something to paint with (brushes/palette knife), paint, something to paint on ( paper/canvas or panels) and something to hold it so you can apply the paint. We can refine future purchases at the workshop

First off – Things for you: You need to be wearing appropriate clothing – protection from the sun and the wind and the elements.  Note that neutral clothing is essential as the light bounce off of what you are wearing will reflect on the painting surface. Red shirt means red on your art which makes it really hard to judge color in your painting. White is glaring – for your eyes.

PERSONAL: Sun Hat, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Water/ thermos/ snack, Wipes, Cell Phone

Basic Equipment:

Sketchbook, Pencil/pen, Clips, Eraser, Stool/chair, Easel/and or drawing board, Paper Towels/ Tissues, Plastic Bag ( trash/dirty rags), Pliers (tubes can be hard to open), Painting Umbrella.


Palette filled with Paint, Water container and supply of water, Paper ( Watercolor blocks, or sheets clipped to foam core), Spray Bottle, Watercolor Brushes, Tape


Paint, Solvent cup/Brush washer jar, Mineral spirits (Gamsol is ideal), Palette, Oil Brushes, Palette Knife/Paint Scraper, Canvas panels (6x8, 8x10, 11x14), Hand protectant, cream/gloves