Murray Stein's Horn in National Magazine

Congratulations to Murray Stein, TJAA member on your continued success of your remarkable and beautiful French Horn, 2013. See article here from the American Association of Woodturners

A note from Murray:

When I was creating my lathe-built French Horn in 2013, I was trying to achieve something very special.  Earlier this year I submitted a proposal to the Editor of the AAW Journal (American Association of Woodturners) to write an article on how I built the horn. AAW honored me by publishing it as the feature story in the October 2015 Journal. The AAW is the premier organization in the world for woodturners. My engineering background contributed to the manner in which I made curved tubing and valves, plus the ability to assemble them into a playable instrument.

It was a fun project which then was accepted into seven exhibits during 2014. Its notoriety was great for my ego. During an exhibit at the ArtCentre of Plano, the people at the Music-themed Art Show at St. Andrew's Methodist Church begged to borrow it for their exhibit. So now it multi-tasked between two shows.

The irony of this all, is that the wood in the horn came from my builder's scrap pile. No endangered species were killed during the making of the horn.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year. I'm having one.